General conditions

The use of the website www.damas.ro implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

By use we mean viewing or ordering products.

For the proper use of the site, we recommend reading carefully the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer to THE company SC DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL, hereinafter referred to as the "seller", on the www.damas.ro website or on the mobile version of the website, and apply to any other agreement concluded between the customer and the seller.

Only persons aged 18 and over who are not under guardianship can place an order.

The seller reserves the right to make changes to these provisions without prior notice.

By going to the "Terms and Conditions" page you can always read the latest version of these provisions. Before placing an order the customer will confirm that he has read, understood and agrees to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Seller's identification data

www.damas.ro represented by SC DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL

Headquarters: Biruintei Street, Nr.31, Bl.1, Tronson 1, 1st floor, Ap.4, Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov

Unique registration code: 43820314
Trade Register: J23/1290/2021
Phone: 0734 984 701 (normal rate call)
Email: [email protected]
Customer service: Monday – Friday from 10 to 17, excluding public holidays

Place orders on the site

To place an order on the site, you must create an account or complete an order with 'guest' status.

Certain information will be requested to place orders but not limited to the email address, telephone number, name, first name, delivery address of the products.

Personal data will be treated confidentially by SC DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL. We also consider your acceptance of the information provided to be accurate, complete and current.

You also agree to pay all fees that may arise due to other users of your account.

The prices shown on the site are expressed in Ron (lei). SC DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL reserves the right to change the prices on the site at any time.

Upon completion of orders the customer can pay the order:

  • bank card via the euplatesc.ro payment platform. Online payment is secure and bank card data is not stored or viewed by the seller
  • Refunds to courier

By completing the order the buyer agrees that all the data provided by him, necessary for the purchase process, are correct, complete and true at the time of placing the order. By completing the order, the buyer agrees that the seller can contact him, by any means available/ approved by the seller, in any situation where it is necessary to contact the buyer.

Availability of offers and products
Offers presented on the website are constantly subject to change, so that the products displayed may or may not exist in stock.
The presentation of the products on the www.damas.ro website is not an offer in the legal sense and has no legal effects, being only an online catalogue of presentation. The inclusion of any products or services on the site at any given time does not imply or warrant that these products or services will be available on a permanent/permanent date. The seller reserves the right to cease marketing a product at any time.
All special offers are presented on the website in the section dedicated to offers, with all conditions of application, the seller reserves the right to cease at any time or to modify these special offers, except for orders already paid.

Order payment and delivery methods

For payment of the order, depending on the preferences or the options available for that order, a bank card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) or cash on delivery is accepted.

Orders will be shipped by express courier.

The transport of the products is done by the Fan Courier courier service and the transport fee is 9 lei and free at:

  • Orders worth over 190 lei

The deadline for delivery of products by express courier normally falls between 2 days and 2 weeks, from the moment of registration of the order on the www.damas.rowebsite.

Most of the time the courier will deliver the orders within 2-3 working days of their shipment. For various reasons deliveries made by the carrier may not be made within 2-3 working days (adverse weather conditions, strikes, system errors, etc.).

In these situations, please enter into your account. created on the www.damas.ro site to view the AWB number of your package. It is found in the Orders section. Select the order you want to view and there you will find the transport note (AWB) and the option of "Status order" that will redirect you to the package tracking page https://www.fancourier.ro/awb-tracking/

If you are not satisfied with the transport services provided by the courier company, please let us know of the situation created to remedy the problem.

The seller is not responsible for damage caused by delays in the delivery of orders due to external factors: adverse weather conditions, road accidents, strikes, calamities, street events or other special situations that could prevent the fast courier from delivering packages within 2-3 days (e.g. other situations: carrier system errors, high volume on that route, etc.).

The seller will not pay compensation for damage caused by failure to deliver the products on time. The seller shall not provide compensation for packages delivered late for reasons beyond the seller's competence.

Billing – payment

The prices of the products and services displayed are expressed in lei. The seller will issue to the buyer an invoice for the products and services delivered, the buyer's obligation being to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force.

The seller will send the buyer the invoice for the order as well as for any other payments related to the order, including electronic reverse invoices, to the email address mentioned by the customer in his account.

If orders are paid with a card associated with an account in a currency other than RON, the transactions are made in lei at the exchange rate of the issuing bank for that card. For payment by bank card the seller does not charge additional fees.

By reading the terms and conditions you have agreed to issue the invoice related to the order exclusively in electronic form, which will be delivered to the e-mail address of your order or to your account.

Cancellation of orders by the seller
The seller may cancel the order made by the buyer, following a prior notification to the buyer, without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other in the following cases:
– non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the buyer's card, of the transaction, in case of online payment;
– invalidation of the transaction by the cardholder approved by the seller in case of online payment;
– the data provided by the customer on the Site is incomplete and/or incorrect;

Return policy of shipped products

DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL complies with the provisions of Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2014 on consumer rights in remote contracts, which gives the buyer the right that within 14 days of receiving all purchased products, to return them, without penalty and without invoking any reason.

Exemptions from the right of withdrawal

According to Article 16, point e of OUG34/2014, cosmetic or personal products used/tested cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons.

In view of the nature of the products marketed, products showing forms of consumption or wear, without the original packaging or with the packaging unwrapped /unsealed, showing physical changes, blows, chippings, scratches, shocks, etc. are not accepted for return. If you are thinking of returning a product, please make this decision before opening/desigilate/using it.

If you wish to return a product purchased from the www.damas.ro please follow the following steps:

  1. Express your desire to return the product (which must be within the standards mentioned above) by e-mail to the [email protected], in which you must specify the order number, full name and contact number, if you want to replace the product or return the consideration. If you wish to receive the value of the product, please send us an IBAN account in lei for the return of the amount. The return of the value of the product/products cannot be made in cash.
  2. The products can be returned with the help of the courier, in which case you will bear the full cost of transport. Packages sent for payment to DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL, without prior agreement, will be refused.
  3. The package will contain the product you wish to return in the original packaging, properly packed in the protective bubble, so as not to deteriorate during transport, in a closed box with duct tape. Please also return the product along with the accompanying documents.

Returns made via Posta Romana or Prioripost are not accepted!

  1. The package will be sent to DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL, Str. Biruintei, Nr.31, Bl.1, Tronson 1, floor 1, Ap.4, Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov
  2. Once we have reached, the specialized department will make the quantitative and qualitative reception of the returned product, carefully supervised and monitored step. If the returned product does not meet the above criteria, it will be re-shipped to you, the cost of transport being the customer's responsibility.
  3. Once the return conditions are met, if the amount is to be refunded, the money will be transferred to the account specified in the return mail and the money will be visible in the account within 14 calendar days from the moment the product physically arrives at the warehouse. If you wish to replace the product and it meets the return codes, we will contact you as soon as possible in order to replace and ship the new product. The cost of transportation for shipping the desired product is your responsibility, if the order does not meet the value conditions to benefit from the free shipping.

Conditions for packages delivered with visible signs of damage
All products marketed by the Damas.ro are new and delivered in the manufacturer's original packaging. The products are properly packed for transport and are insured throughout the transport until they are delivered. Findings regarding the integrity of visibly damaged packages shall be made in the presence of the courier agent. Any subsequent complaint will not be considered.

The buyer or recipient of the order is asked to check the apparent condition of the package at the time of delivery, to check the contents of the package and the integrity of the ordered products, immediately after taking over the package. In this way, any unpleasant situation caused by handling during transport or other factors, can be remedied as soon as possible.
In case of visible anomaly with respect to the package (damaged package, open package, traces of liquid, etc.) or to the products ordered (missing products, damaged products), the buyer or recipient of the order will have to follow the procedure described below corresponding to the conditions of the order.
Failure to comply with the appropriate procedure excludes the possibility of any complaint against the carrier and the Damas.ro, and the buyer will not be able to claim any refund of any amount or be able to claim that the Damas.ro deliver the ordered products again.

Procedures to be followed must be followed when the package is damaged:

Finding in the presence of the courier agent
Damas.ro does not provide the package opening service before payment. It is not allowed for the buyer to make the package conditional or to pay by refund the order price to open the package or to check its contents!
In case of visible damage to the package, the buyer will refuse delivery and will immediately, clearly and in detail formulate all reservations regarding the anomaly found. These reservations must be written by the recipient of the order on the delivery receipt of the courier company. At the same time, the buyer will report objections to the Seller's Customer Service on the phone number 0734 984 701.
The seller will open a damage file for the damaged package and provide a solution to fix the problem (refund of amounts or replace products) within 7 days of receiving the referral.

Finding in the absence of the courier agent
The buyer will report the damages or deficiencies found, making all complaints and reservations to Customer Service, by phone number 0734 984 701 or by email: [email protected] Notification of incidents and the formulation of reservations shall take place as soon as possible, but not later than one working day after the date of delivery. In the notification the customer will include the name, email address used to place the order and order number.
SC DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL will provide a response to registered complaints within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days.

Warning about the products and tips presented on the website
This site does not provide medical advice or attempt to diagnose or treat skin problems or skin conditions. If you have/suspect that you have a medical problem with your skin, consult a doctor or dermatologist. All products must be used in accordance with the instructions given in detail on this website. Stop using any product that causes irritation, redness, itching, stinging, descuaming or any other symptoms. The information provided by this site or by the company does not replace a visit to your dermatologist or doctor and should not be construed as individual medical advice.

The information contained in the product descriptions comes directly from the manufacturers or their representatives in Romania. The information is translated and/or adapted without distorting the informational content. In some cases, properties, recommendations and methods of use are derived from reference books or websites on the corresponding domains. This data is provided for informational purposes, it does not constitute medical information, cannot be used to establish a medical diagnosis and does not in any way engage our responsibility.

In the event that the price of the product or some of its features have been wrongly entered into our databases or misrepresented on the site and the delivery has not yet been made, the seller shall allocate the right to cancel the delivery of that product and notify the customer as soon as possible of the error. Images are also presented on the site as an example, and the products delivered may differ from the images in any way, due to the change in features, design, without prior notice by the manufacturers.
The maximum amount of the seller's obligations to any customer, in the event of improper non-delivery or delivery, is the amount of the amounts received by the seller from that customer.

Product guarantees
Our products do not benefit from the warranty, being consumable products.
We guarantee that the products sold by the seller are original products. The guarantee of conformity is the guarantee offered by the seller, in accordance with the legislation in force. It is a period of time between 6 months and 2 years by which the seller guarantees that the product sold complies with the specifications he has committed to sell. This guarantee shall be independent of the technical/commercial guarantee. It may be less, greater than or equal and not subject to technical failure.


Any dispute between Clients and damas.ro will be resolved amicably. If the conflict has not been resolved amicably, the jurisdiction lies with the courts at the site administrator's office.

Final provisions

DAMAS DREAM SKIN SRL reserves the right to make any changes to these provisions, as well as any changes to the site www.damas.ro, its structure or any other changes that may affect the site, without the need for any prior notification to users.